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- the new Norwegian land plague

On short time, PÅDOKØ has gripped many people and stole the minds of yet more. This is a very exciting new puzzle from someone we will have to pay good attention to. Everybody in Norway are doing PÅDOKØ, on the buses, trains, in the schools, for dinner. Short said, you are not something if not you are doing the PÅDOKØ.

Must have it, just must have it!
Stretches self a little longer.

The creators of PÅDOKØ have written a book about PÅDOKØ who will explain you all about PÅDOKØ, with answers. You will also learn all rules written up.

I love it really! - the puzzle's sister.
Character six! - The World's Gang.
Absolut sex! - GT.

From the makers of PÅDOKØ comes the new musicform gamemusic who will help you to concentrate you. When you buy the jubilee outgiving of the original PÅDOKØ book, will you get the double CD with the new musicform gamemusic who will help you to concentrate you. This new musicform who will help you to concentrate you is made off interesting new instruments whom take for self different parts of the brain.

Have you problems with to think logic? Have you problems with to remember things?
PÅDOKØ will help you to develop your brain to help you think logic and remember things.

The smart looses PÅDOKØ.
The cool looses PÅDOKØ.
The king looses PÅDOKØ.
Why not you?

The IQ of the Norwegian folk has gone up very much since the PÅDOKØ became published.

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